The Saintly Mister Louse and The Joyous Farce of Martin de Cambrai at Le cercle français de CSU Fresno

da Group
the players
Priest and Louse

Stricken at the 2017 ACMRS Annual Conference

I'm ill, dear wife!
Be silent, girl!

The Saintly Mister Louse for SITM 2016

Ta Da!!!
Introducing the Saintly Mister Louse!
The Clerk
The always helpful Mister Louse
Oh No! Here comes Mister Louse!

Brother Ham and Sister Sausage

Brother Ham and Sister Sausage
Brother Ham in a Jam

Tinker, Cobbler, Tavernkeeper

Tinker and Cobbler arguing
The drinking song
and the madman leads
Tinker and Cobbler fight
Pouring a drink

A Knight To Remember: The Chivalrous Tale of Gillion de Trazegnies at the Getty

The Joust
The Happy Couple
Our hero in jail

The Pilgrimage To Her Holiness, Saint Blabbermouth

St. Martin and the Peasant

St. Martin
The peasant & his wife

Bigorne and the Good Husband

Bigorne & Husband
Martin & Wife
Just Bigorne
Wife with Bigorne
Priest & Wife
Priest & Husband