Frequently Asked Questions

Do you perform tragedies?

No. Life's tragic enough without us piling on.

Do you stage any five-act plays? Three?

So far two's our limit. (This includes a one-act within a one-act)

But you do Shakespeare, right?

Nope. It's been done, right?

Don't you perform any modern plays?

No, although all of the plays are newly translated and adapted, some more so than others. They're pretty faithful to the original texts, though. We're a niche market. Sue us.

Who are the main authors of the plays you perform?

Anonymous is the one whose plays we perform most frequently. Then Marguerite de Navarre, André de la Vigne, Pierre Gringoire, Alonzo de Castillo Solórzano, and Aretino. So far.

OK, they're comedies, but they're still about kings and battles, right?

A few are about battles, but there's no royalty in the French plays we've done. There are upper classes depicted in some of the Spanish plays. The focus really is on domestic issues-quarrelling husband and wives, nosy neighbors, religious and bureaucratic rapscallions, village idiots. The usual suspects of middle-class theatre. (OK, I admit, there are also wacko fantastical saints, allegorical figures like "The World" who gets stripped down to his skivvies, and Fools who turn out to be wiser than most.)

Isn't dialogue in rhyme really stilted and dull?

I guarantee you it isn't, in proper performance. Which is what we endeavor to do.

What is the most off-the-wall play you've performed?

It's a three-way tie, between The Fart (a who-dealt-it-I smelt-it battle between a husband and wife, mediated by a lawyer and finally a judge), The Five Senses of Man (in which the party thrown for the 5 Senses, some of whom you'd never think of, is crashed by The Asshole, who feels left out), and the Martyrdom of St. Herring. In the latter, a pompous cleric delivering a sermon about a fake saint is harassed by a mocking fish. And that's just off the top of my head.

We're out of state. Would you be willing to come perform for us?

Possibly. We'd have to work out specifics-what kind of play you want, who your audience is, if you are willing to help defray our traveling or performing expenses, etc. Let's talk.

When and where is your next performance?

We can't tattle until we get confirmation from the guilty parties. As soon as we know for sure, we'll put it up here!